About this challenge: Tomb Raider 3 No Loads No Meds Pistols Only

Tomb Raider 3 is certainly one of the more difficult games. Having to deal with poison and the freeze bar in Antarctica is no walk in the park! To complete this challenge you need to make sure that you use no medikits, no loading, and only using the pistols. RX Tech Mines is the hardest level in the game as there is an extremely hard swim towards the end of the level. Good luck!


Temple Ruins
The River Ganges
Caves of Kaliya
Nevada Desert
High Security Compound
Area 51
Coastal Village
Crash Site
Madubu Gorge
Temple of Puna
Thames Wharf
Lud’s Gate
RX-Tech Mines
Lost City of Tinnos
Meteorite Cavern
(Bonus level) All Hallows

rules of no loads no meds on tomb raider 3:

  • No glitches are allowed (Glitchless) This includes corner bugging, QWOPs, jumping through the corner of blocks and using a swan-dive to survive a fall that would normally kill Lara.
  • No medipacks are allowed (Health kits)
  • Remove the health crystals from the game (The green crystals) See below for information (This does not apply to the PS1 version as the game does not contain health crystals)
  • You cannot load the game at any point in the game. You have to get through the game from start to finish.
  • FMVS can be skipped but unskippable cutscenes that become skippable with hacking tools are prohibited
  • Using weapon cheats and level skip cheats are prohibited
  • Long breaks may be taken during this challenge but as long as it’s shown that no tampering has happened to the game during the break.
  • Saving is allowed. It is advised that you save at the start of each level in case an accidental glitch occurs. This is the only time a reload is allowed.
  • If you fail a previous attempt, make sure that you quit the game and then reopen it as shotgun shells have been known to glitch and multiply in the inventory. This is not allowed in the challenge.
  • Do not use the UPV glitch in Lud’s Gate to get air by clipping into the ceiling (You’ll hear Lara breathe for air and her air bar increase) or to drive the UPV above water level and fly around the level.

Can I use the harpoon gun on the UPV in Luds Gate?

No. The harpoon gun on the UPV is the same as the harpoon gun that Lara uses and counts as a weapon.

Can I run over enemies with the quad bike and the minecart?

Yes. This rule is also the same in Tomb Raider 2 with the skidoo.

Extra secret in Coastal village:

One of the levels, Coastal Village has a total of 4 secrets, but the statistics will only show 3 secrets in this level. It is required to get the 4th secret in this level to finish this challenge. If this secret is collected then the final statistics will show 60/59 secrets collected.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to complete the bonus level All Hallows to complete this run?

No, completing All Hallows is completely optional.

Can I use the Nevada Desert fence skip?

Yes, as the game thinks that specific tile is a climbable object then it’s fine to do.

What happens if I accidentally glitch in the game?

It depends on the glitch. If you accidentally corner bug or jump through a block you can normally get back. If you accidentally glitch in this way please undo the progress you made with this glitch and show that you can do this properly without the use of the glitch that occurred. If you cannot undo the glitch you have done then please reload the game. This is the only time that a reload is allowed. The load needs to be a previous save in the same level and the save needs to have been done in the same challenge attempt. If you have a save from a previous level or from another attempt, then you may not use it and you will have to restart the challenge. I recommend saving at the start of each level to stop this from happening.

How do i remove the health crystals in the Pc version?

The PC version of Tomb Raider 3 contains health crystals. Some areas make it almost impossible to avoid walking into a health crystal. These have to be removed from the PC version. The PS1 has saving crystals instead of health crystals and this only applies to the PC version. You can remove the health crystals here with this patch. Tomb Raider 3 No Save Crystals Patch