About This Challenge: Tomb Raider 5 No Loads No Meds Pistols Only

About This Challenge: Tomb Raider 5 No Loads No Meds Pistols Only

Tomb Raider 5 may be a short game, but it’s certainly a very difficult challenge. The main difficulty of this challenge is in the last section of the game (VCI levels). To finish this challenge you must not load the game at all throughout playing the game and not using any medikits. To complete this challenge you must only use the pistols and the HK gun in VCI.

Levels and secrets:

Level 1: Streets of Rome = 3 secrets
Level 2: Trajan’s Markets = 3 secrets
Level 3: The Colosseum = 3 secrets
Level 4: The Base = 3 secrets
Level 5: The Submarine = 3 secrets
Level 6: Deepsea Dive = 1 secret
Level 7: Sinking Sub = 2 secrets
Level 8: Gallows Tree = 3 secrets
Level 9: Labyrinth = 3 secrets
Level 10: Old Mill = 3 secrets
Level 11: 13th Floor = 3 secrets
Level 12: Escape with the Iris = 3 secrets
Level 13: Red Alert! = 3 secrets

Total of secrets = 36

rules of no loads No Meds Pistols Only on tomb raider 5:

  • No glitches are allowed (Glitchless) This includes corner bugging, QWOPs, jumping through the corner of blocks and using a swan-dive to survive a fall that would normally kill Lara.
  • You cannot load the game at any point in the game. You have to get through the game from start to finish.
  • You cannot use medikits at all throughout the game.
  • Only use the pistols and the HK gun in VCI.
  • Using the laser site glitch where the player switches guns whilst in laser site mode is prohibited.
  • Using weapon cheats and level skip cheats are prohibited
  • Long breaks may be taken during this challenge but as long as it’s shown that no tampering has happened to the game during the break.
  • Saving is allowed. It is advised that you save at the start of each level in case an accidental glitch occurs. This is the only time a reload is allowed.

Known bugs and glitches with Tomb Raider 5 and doing this challenge. how to resolve them:

VCI: Escape With the Iris crash

This game will crash when getting into the elevator. Save the game before entering and then reload the game to stop this crash from happening.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I use the HK gun in VCI?

Yes as that is the only weapon available.

Can I use the chloroform in VCI?

Yes as it is not counted as a weapon.

What happens if I accidentally glitch in the game?

It depends on the glitch. If you accidentally corner bug or jump through a block you can normally get back. If you accidentally glitch in this way please undo the progress you made with this glitch and show that you can do this properly without the use of the glitch that occurred. If you cannot undo the glitch you have done then please reload the game. This is the only time that a reload is allowed. The load needs to be a previous save in the same level and the save needs to have been done in the same challenge attempt. If you have a save from a previous level or from another attempt, then you may not use it and you will have to restart the challenge. I recommend saving at the start of each level to stop this from happening.